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Galvanized Binding Wire

Galvanized wire with diameter at 0.7mm, 50 metre coil around pocket sized reel is ideal for attaching hanging labels.

Galvanized carbon steel wire is an economical solution in many areas because of its many desirable features:

Easily Fabricated
Good Strength
Low Cost

Galvanized Binding Wire is made of carbon steel wire or low carbon steel (mild steel ) wire.
Carbon steel wire is generally used in undemanding environments or is supplied as galvanised wire to improve its corrosion resistance.

Low Carbon Steel Wire (mild steel wire)
The carbon content of low carbon steel wire is less than 0.18%. It can only be hardened by cold working the steel wire because the carbon content is too low. Low carbon steel wire is most usually supplied as galvanised wire.

Galvanized Binding Wire Galvanized Binding Wire
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